Send Emails They’ll Want to Share

Stay Personal with Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an often-ignored facet of digital marketing, and it’s a shame. An engaging email marketing campaign will enable you to improve sales by catching otherwise lost-leads, improve your data collection, generate extra traffic, and boost your memorability and relevance to your audience every time a new email hits their inbox. It’s also one of the strongest ways to build a lasting relationship with your customers, as email communication feels far more personal than any public blog post or social media post ever could. 

Our Email Marketing team makes email fun again.

What We'll Do

  • Create an email campaign that tells a story, developing your brand and personality while readers keep devouring emails to learn more.
  • Include content that promotes your business, your collaborators, and products you may be affiliated with in a manner that’s helpful, not intrusive.
  • Send the kind of emails that your audience will WANT to CC their friends and family on.

Flamingo Theory will outline an email campaign for you, based on your business, audience, and tone – one that allows you to stick in your audience’s mind as you entertain, provide true value, and strengthen the bond between customer and seller.


Anyone can benefit from an email marketing campaign. With a clear call to action, a focus on meeting your readers’ expectations, and looking professional (unless an informal approach is what your audience prefers) – you’re bound to see very quick improvements in your overall conversion rates. It’s also fairly easy to track the growth and benefit of an email campaign, as statistically most emails are opened within 6 hours of being received.