Born to help businesses find and promote their individuality, Flamingo Theory is the premier Madison-area Digital Marketing agency.

We took lessons from the creatives that have made their mark on history, and while we’re not exactly planting 1,008 pink flamingos on lawns – we are doing the digital equivalent in order to make sure your business leaves the type of impression that shapes your audience, market, or even city for years to come.

Who We Are

Everybody wants to stand out. The secret is that everybody can, but not everybody knows how to. It’s not exactly intuitive to plant 1,008 pink flamingos to make an impression, after all.

We’ve learned our lessons from those who have used their creativity to leave a mark on our city. What you need is a young and bold team, capable and willing to make a statement and leave an impression that lasts for years to come. What you need is us. 

At Flamingo Theory, we’ve come to understand that the vast majority of businesses have a unique offering for their clientele, something that truly sets them apart from their competitors. They just don’t know how to recognize it, or how to expand on it, or how to increase its visibility. That’s where we come in, helping those businesses Stand Unique. We will capture and propagate what makes your business different, and more importantly, what makes your business valuable. 

In a world of increasing distractions and instant gratification, it’s important to use effective, strategic marketing in order to catch and hold your audience’s attention. We offer all that, and more. 

The Theory Behind the Flamingo

What exactly is “Flamingo Theory”?

It’s the idea that creativity, properly utilized, can have a profound impact on people for decades to come. And if you don’t believe us, well – we’d assume you’re new to the Madison area. 

Taking cues from the students that left their mark and managed to paint the town pink, our creatives make a statement and etch your company into the minds of your customers. Almost all businesses have something that sets them apart, but oftentimes they don’t know how to recognize it, or how to expand on it, or how to increase its visibility. We dig into the heart of the matter and find creative angles to make sure your company gets to Stand Unique.

Our Team

Young, bold, and audacious – our team consists of specialists in all facets of digital marketing, tackling campaigns for everyone whether you’re a new startup or an established corporation. We will figure out an angle to make sure you stand apart in your market.


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Social Media Manager

GRACE GILLINGHAMJunior Digital Strategist

Grace Gillingham

Junior Digital Strategist